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We're here to make things happen for you.

White Wire is a full time professional entertainment company with a true passion for outstanding customer service and value for money.


White Wire was born to make life easier for customers using the entertainment industry.

We are a fresh events
and entertainment company that sets out to give the client real control
and confidence in how their event comes together, by offering unheard of transparency in pricing and clarity of products from the very outset, through to the day of your amazing event.

Our prices are advertised and clear for all to see from the start. What's more, that price is the same for every customer at every event. We keep our pricing structure consistent for small personal celebrations, through to lavish weddings and even corporate events.

The concept of everything we do is simple:


We've been planning and running fun stuff for years, so we reckon we've just about figured it out now – however
– we realize that not everyone else has! That's why when you hire us, you can call us any time to get advice on absolutely anything to do with your event.


We want more than anything else to make your event happen for you and we will work day and night to get it just right. We love a good party at White Wire, so we absolutely adore helping people to make theirs happen.


We love to turn the ordinary in to the extra-ordinary and we will do everything we can to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations.


We put customers are at the core of everything we do, because we know how important your event is to you.

We take care of each and every customer personally and work with you from the moment you book with us; all the way to the day of your event to ensure that we cover your needs perfectly.

We are proud of the work that we do and ensure that:

  • We run a safe & high quality operation
  • We use extremely high quality equipment
  • We employ the very best staff and suppliers
  • We are completely committed to you and your event (via contract)
  • We leave nothing to chance and are absolutely reliable
  • We offer excellent value for money

You can see the full detail of how we work below, and of course if there is anything that we haven't covered for you, then feel free to get in contact with us and we'll be pleased to provide you with all of the juicy details.


Although our product is all about having fun, we take our business very seriously!

We are a full time professional entertainment company and we like to make sure that we do things properly and ethically. By booking with White Wire, you can be sure that you are booking with a professional company that does not cut corners in any respect.

We ensure that:

  • We have full public liability insurance for £10million. (Download here)
  • We safety test (PAT) all of our electrical equipment on an annual basis (Download here)
  • We check our poles and stands after every event
  • We issue invoices and receipts for all work we undertake
  • We pay tax on all or our work
  • We obtain our music from legal sources
  • We hold a produb license for our music (Download here)
  • We follow all recommendations from the PRS, which ensures the artists are paid royalties
  • We pay our staff properly and support the "London Living Wage" campaign


As part of our commitment to give our customers the very best experience possible, we make sure that we invest in the very best equipment possible! What's more, we love new toys, so the vast majority of the time, we'll be bringing the very newest sound systems and lighting effects to your party!

Our sound equipment is always top notch and we will always bring a sound system that is appropriate and capable to fulfil your function (our biggest is an incredible 6600watts RMS). Our preferred audio systems that we use are Mackie, JBL, QSC and FBT, all of which are highly respected names in the business. Occasionally, we do use other sound systems, but you can rest assured that it will be just what you need for your event. . If you want to get in to the real detail, we'll be pleased to give you the most intimate details of the sound systems we use, we love an opportunity to get technical!

Our lighting equipment also is carefully selected to give the customer the very best experience, using the newest technology available. Almost all of our lighting is low energy LED lighting, which deliver crystal clear effects on to the dance floor. We also like to make sure that we use the best in the business too, with our preferred lighting systems being Prolight, ADJ and Chauvet. In line with the package that you select, we'll bring the very best effects to compliment your party and help your venue look the very best that it can!

When it comes to our DJ equipment, we continue to operate the same passionate values to make sure that our team have the best equipment they need to work with. This means that they are able to be creative and professional, all with the purpose of delivering the best possible end product to the customer. For our DJ equipment, we love Numark, Pioneer, Denon, Shure and Sennheiser, all being ultra-reliable and capable to deliver at any event.


We're just as picky with our people as we are with our equipment!

All staff, suppliers and DJ's for White Wire are subject to a very tough selection procedure to make sure that they genuinely our passion for service and our ambition to be the very best. In fact, we ask each and every one of our team what can they do to improve the customer experience before we consider bringing them on board.

We have a team of DJ's with a vast array of talents, experience and specialities to ensure that we are able to put the right person at the right event each and every time. In addition, our DJ's always strive to be the very best and when they join the White Wire team, they commit to an on-going training schedule surrounding delivering the best possible customer experience time after time, as well as developing their core skills around DJ'ing and MC'ing.

In addition to our DJ team, our support team are second-to-none. Our admin staff and installers all sign up to the same customer-lead commitment upon joining us and also regularly take up our training opportunities around service and skill development. It's not uncommon for one of our support team to progressively learn to DJ and take on their own events when experience and confidence permit.


As a full time professional entertainment company, we will be available to you from the moment that you book with us. We regularly meet clients more than once at times to suit them to discuss their event and are always pleased to hear from our customers via telephone and email too!

Upon the payment of a deposit or balance, we will provide a written contract that fully commits us to you and your event. You can view a copy of our contracts here.

If you have any questions about our commitment to our customers, then please feel free to get in contact and we'll be happy to talk to you about just how committed we are!


We ensure that nothing is left to chance in terms of reliability.

All of our speaker systems are multi-amplified and always have more punch and power that is necessary. This means that all of our speakers operate independently of each other, so if one should fail (which has yet to happen to us), the others would still easily cover the event for you. In addition, in case of a complete catastrophe, we carry a couple of spare speakers and lights with us to every gig!

Of course, we also need to be sure that we're going to get to you (and be on time).

We use a modern fleet of vehicles to get around and in the very unlikely event of a breakdown, we're covered by breakdown assistance which will ensure that our journey to you is completed. In addition, we also have access to a national network of short notice hire vehicles, so we'll always get to you!

We subscribe to traffic updates to make sure we'll always get to you on time and just in case… we carry god old fashioned road maps!

Lastly, as well as our machines and our transportation, we back up our people too!

First and foremost, we never send all of our DJ's or kit out on one night, meaning that we're able to send out a substitute in good time for your event should a problem present itself.

In addition, being a full time professional company, we are members of the National Association of DJ's (NADJ) and the Alliance of Mobile Party DJ's (AMPDJ). This means that in the very unlikely of us encountering a problem that we are unable to resolve ourselves, we have great working relationships with other reliable DJ and Disco suppliers whom share our values and will ensure that you event is fulfilled without any problems.


If there is something that you're keen to know about us, but we haven't mentioned it here already, the feel free to get in contact with us anytime.

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