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  1. How much do you charge?

    We display absolutely all of our prices on this website, simply click on the service that you are interested in and you will find the right price there every time. We keep the website completely up to date and will always quote the prices listed. If you are still not sure, just complete the simple contact form with your exact requirements and we'll personally quote the price to you.

  2. Are the packages flexible?

    Of course! In fact, as a company we are flexible; otherwise we wouldn't be true to our motto… Make it EASY, make it happen & make it awesome! If you would like to combine elements to packages or create a package all of your own, just contact us with your exact requirements and we'll be pleased to create a special package, just for you!

  3. Can you offer me a discount?

    We believe that we offer options to suit most budgets and do not offer discounts as such. However, we do offer discounts to frequent customers (whom book with us three or more times per year) and also offer discounts for agreed and contracted regular work (for example DJ residencies and preferred supplier work at venues).

  4. It's for charity – Can you do it cheaper?

    White Wire Entertainment regularly gives to charity and is developing a policy on donating a percentage of annual profits to charity. Whilst White Wire cannot offer an automatic reduction in fee for charity Events, we can, on your behalf advise your DJ of the cause they are playing for and they may choose to instruct us to donate a portion of their wages to your cause if they personally support the charity.

  5. It's an opportunity to raise your profile – will you DJ for free?

    Thanks for the offer, but we will always politely decline such offers as we believe it fair and proper to pay our professional staff for their services to enable them in turn to cover their own costs.

  6. Do you charge any extras?

    We try to avoid any extras, but if a situation is particularly demanding, we do reserve the right to make to make some modest additional charges. These would include particularly early set ups, long distance travel or exceptionally long performances.

  7. Do you need a deposit for hiring your equipment?

    No, we trust that our customers will want to return our equipment to us in Tip top condition, however, do be sure to take care of the equipment and ensure that the equipment comes back to us in good working order, as this can prove quite costly if it is not (see our full terms and conditions of hire).

  8. Are you insured?

    Yes, we have a £10million public liability insurance package. We will be happy to supply our certificate as required.

  9. Have you 'PAT' tested your equipment

    Yes, all of our equipment is fully PAT tested. We will be happy to supply our certificate as required.

  10. Still have a burning question? We'll be happy to answer it for you. Simply contact us and ask as many questions as you like.

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