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White Wire Entertainment has both casual and on-going work opportunities that become available from time to time.

Working for White Wire Entertainment is rewarding.

  1. We pay a fair wage (never less than the London Living Wage)
  2. We're incredibly nice people
  3. We offer really flexible working patterns
  4. We are always looking to promote and develop people where we can (we always seek to promote from within)
  5. We always give you your birthday as a day off!

Working for White Wire Entertainment is a commitment.

  1. We expect total customer service and dedication
  2. We expect our staff to be well spoken and articulate
  3. We expect our staff to be punctual and reliable… always
  4. We expect our staff to really 'get' what White Wire is all about
  5. We expect our staff to be dedicated to the company

Working for White Wire Entertainment is good for you.

  1. We'll help you to develop your skills in our field of work
  2. We'll offer you training in Customer Service and articulation
  3. We'll listen to you and do our best to help you to fulfil your ambitions
  4. We'll help you develop self confidence
  5. We'll be the best employer you ever had!



It's 9pm….

The room is full…

The buffet has just finished…

People are ready to dance… So what song do you play first?

This is one of many questions we ask DJ's who are keen to work with us and come on board.

We are always looking for new DJ's and talent who are ready to impress us and most importantly who think that customer service is an absolute priority.

We look for people who can read a crowd, please diverse groups of people and who really know what they are doing!

We also have a rigorous acceptance programme and will expect you to train and to demonstrate your competence.

If you think you've got what it takes to be a premium London DJ, introduce yourselves to us via our 'contact us' page and we'll be in touch when we're ready to meet you…


If you're hard working and up for learning what connects to where and like making plain spaces look and sound amazing, you're halfway there!

We need competent, safety conscious and customer focussed individuals to collect, set up, dismantle and return disco and karaoke equipment from time to time to assist our DJ's and general operation.

You'll need to be able to forward plan and demonstrate that you are an extremely punctual person who is happy to do some hard graft!

If you might like some casual work of this nature, introduce yourselves to us via our 'contact us' page and we'll be in touch when we're ready to meet you…

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